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The lucky winners for the 2nd quarter were  -
Jennifer Schaber
Carmia Nettles
Megan Kenneday
Michelle DeLeon and
Nancy Jones
Congratulations girls, I've emailed you all ecopies of Blood War.

Book 4 of Dark Desires - An Artist's Kiss - has been accepted by Siren for publication around the end of September with the print release scheduled for next year. You can check out the cover design on my website - I love it!

I toss a number of titles around before finally settling on An Artist's Kiss. So just what's it about?Isabella Price, 51 is now a successful sculptor, she left the nude modelling world behind her years ago. But now Gabriel Milford, 47, wants her - he needs a rubinesque older woman to pose for him and he's determined that woman be Isabella.

Sparks fly when these two met. Gabriel is determine Issie will pose for him and she's equally determined that will never happen.

She can't deny her attraction to him but she has a dark secret, one that she's only shared with one other person. And that person treated her like she had the plague when she confessed.

Now all her dark desires have burst into her mind clamouring to be free - desires that Gabriel would be only too willing to satisfy. Will she finally accept who she is or will she continue to shun men the way she has for the past twenty years?

Until next quarter stay safe and love one another.



The lucky winner for the 1st quarter was A. Harrison - I've emailed her ecopies of Book one and two in the Dark Desires series - Whipped Delights and Her Cravings Mastered.

Been busy writing and have decided to issue my newsletter quarterly. I'd realised I'd missed a couple of months so it just made sense.

My short story for the next anthology is with my new editor at the moment. My fellow authors in the anthology are hoping to have it out around June.

I finished writing my Artist and Model book (Book 4 Dark Desires) and it is in the capable hands of my beta reader before I give it a final polish and submit it.  Still trying to decide on the name but I know it will come to me.

Just finiished reading Christine Feehan's latest book - Dark Promises. I've loved the Dark series but have to admit the last couple of books just seemed lacking. I was very disappointed with Dark Promises - to me it was as if Ms Feehan has changed the way she writes and is now concentrating on the sex to the detriment of those wonderful fights and challenges her heroes have to face.

I'd love to hear what you think if you've read her Dark series.

Next quarter I'm giving 5 lucky readers ecopies of Blood War - my short story from the first anthology - so keep watching to see if your name is drawn.

A Hunter's Challenge and Her Cravings Mastered are now both available as paperbacks.

Her Cravings Mastered :
A Hunter's Challenge :

Until next quarter stay safe and love one another.



The lucky winner for January is Michelle Watson - I've emailed her ecopies of Book one and two in the Dark Desires series - Whipped Delights and Her Cravings Mastered.
I've been working on my short story for the second Anthology in the Their Dark Passions book. The same seven authors have agreed to write another story for this second book.

This time I'm dipping into the world of skin-walkers - a very handsome wolf shifter named Tate who meets a cute vet in very different circumstances.  At the moment I'm calling it Tale of a Wolf.
Melting Her Dom's Heart has been selling well and I got a amazing 5 star review on Amazon for it.
With 15% discount until December 16th
BUY LINK for Their Dark Passions : Amazon

As well as working on Tale of a Wolf I've done a few more chapters on my 4th book for the Dark Desire series - still a long way to go before it is finished but I'll keep you all posted.

If you have any questions you'd like answered - anything from how does a writer think to suggestions to writing process and everything in between - just drop me an email and I'll do my best to answer in the newsletters.

I can post you an autographed bookmarks if anyone is interested. I'm also happy to post out autographed copies of paperbacks, if you email me with your details and pay for book plus P&P. Unfortunately the postage costs from Australia are rather expensive.

Until next month stay safe and love one another.



The lucky winner for November is Laurel Whiteson - I've posted out an autographed copy of Book one in the Dark Desires series - Whipped Delights - along with a totebag and bookmark.
Not one but two books out this month! Book 3 in the Dark Desires series is out now. As well an anthology of 7 sexy paranormal stories.
Melting Her Dom's Heart
With 15% discount until December 16th
When Kallista Robins, 49, meets Alex Harrison, 51., she is instantly attracted to him but his obnoxious behaviour leaves her cold.
Alex has quite a reputation—he is a great Dom but he is cold and emotionless, never letting anyone get close to him. Nick-named Alexander the Great by subs, he has locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub or get emotionally involved and always warns the woman before he begins any relationship, even going so far to have it written into their Dom/sub contract.
But when he meets Kalli Robins his world is turned upside down. Having never been in love before, the new feelings he experiences send Alex into a tailspin.
How will Kalli be able to stay in a cold, emotionless relationship? If he can't return her love will she decide to give up on ever Melting Her Dom's Heart?
Dive into an anthology where seven of your favorite paranormal authors explore the dark passions of seven very different supernaturals... From ghosts to werewolves, vampires to psychics, this is one read that won't go bump in the night but it might make you hotter than hell! 

Stories included in the anthology:
Serena Akeroyd
Kat Barrett
Ashley Malkin
Suzy Shearer
Cree Storm
Cecile Tellier
Maggie Walsh
BUY LINK : Amazon

I hope your festive season however you celebrate is filled with love, laughter and family.


September Winner

This month lucky winner is A Vilente - I've emailed them book 1 of The Hunters and book 1 of Dark Desires.

It was a very exciting month for me - Perfect Three made it to two of Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling lists - their Erotic Interracial and Erotic Menage. It was a dizzy see-saw ride for a week or so and it finally peaked at #20. I have to send out a big thank you to everyone who bought a copy!

As well after just a couple of days after submitting my next book in the Dark Desire series  - Melting Her Dom's Heart it has been accepted by Siren. The ebook is due out in December and the paperback around July 2016. So as you see it was an exciting month for me.

Written about 50k words on the first draft of the next book in the series - this one is about an artist and a lovely plus-sized model. As usual the characters have taken over my writing and insisting the direction the book should take.

My hero is 47 year old Gabriel and the lively heroine is 51 year old redhead Isabella - they are both trying to tell me what I should write and I'm having trouble making them both behave. They want to go in one direction and I want them in another.

Christmas is fast approaching for those who celebrate it and I have been trying to get the grandkid's presents organised. I'm not much of a Christmas person being a Buddhist but I do love spoiling my grand children. Let's face it - it's a grandmothers job to

Well until next month stay safe and love one another.


This month lucky winner is Christine Agnew - I've emailed her book 1 of The Hunters and book 1 of Dark Desires.

Perfect Three is selling well. It made it onto the best selling list so a great big thank you to all who bought a copy.  It should be available through third party bookstores in the next 3 weeks.

I finally submitted book 3 in the Dark Desire series to my publisher, now comes the nail-biting wait.  The book is called Melting Her Dom's Heart and is the story of 51 year old Alex who has avoided any sort of emotional entanglement with his subs over the years. Because of this none have stayed with I'm longer than a few months.

 He meets 49 year old Kallista and his world is turned upside down. Self-preservation makes him revert to his cold-hearted ways so will Kallista be the one woman who will be able to thaw his heart?

I'm also a third of the way through the first draft of a new book - it will be the 4th in the Dark Desire series.  At the moment it doesn't have a name but I hope by the end of writing it I'm able to come up with one.

Sometimes the title of a book just leaps out at me, other times it gets called one thing but then that gets changed. This time I have nothing ... lol. I have a similar problem with naming characters and often change the names halfway through the book.

Well until next month stay safe and love one another.



This month lucky winner is Judy Springer - and she wins both ebooks in the Dark Desire series.

Perfect Three is due for release on the 16th - it is available for pre-sale 15% discount on the price until September 23rd!

Blurb: Lucy Willis feels like her life has been on hold forever. Now at 49 she decides it's her time. When she meets two very attractive fifty-plus men - Sebastian a handsome indigenous Australian and Jack a gorgeous blonde surfer type. She is surprised to find out they are bisexual and want her to join them.

Tempted, Lucy is too embarrassed to tell them her secret wish - that she needs to be controlled in bed. Then she discovers Sebastian is a Dom and Jack his sub!

Tentatively she accepts their friendship which soon develops into a love match for the three of them. Will Lucy finally find the happiness she had been searching for all her life or will fate step in to ruin it all?

My last menage book - Build A Love - was nominated in the Most Magnificent Menage contest and made the top 10 - it ended up coming in 8th which was amazing considering some of the books it was up against!

Build A Love and Whipped Delights have both been released in paperback format.  I just love the feel of a 'real' book and being the author is such an amazing buzz.

I held a contest on my Facebook page as I got close to 1000 fans - I'm excited to say I have now passed that number and the lucky 1000 fan received a bag of goodies. Included in a customise tote bag was a pen, keyring, bookmark and autographed copy of A Hunter's Heart.  Big congratulations and thanks to Charlene Whitehouse! 

Keep your eyes open - I just bought paperback copies of Build A Love and Whipped Delights - I'll have to think up a new contest so you can win an autographed book in a tote bag.

Well until next month stay safe and love one another.



So who's the lucky winner this month?
H L Sumner has picked up all three ebooks in The Hunter series - congratulations H L!

I have the cover for Perfect Three - it looks great and now I'm waiting on the first edits. Some of you might wonder how a book gets published. Well after the publisher had accepted it and the contracts signed and exchanged come a wait.

The publisher sends me a Cover request and it in I have to tell them what I want and don't want on my cover. Of course certain things are decided by the publisher but I get a little say ... lol. As well I have to write the blurbs for the back cover and inside cover.

Then I wait again until I get the actual cover. It arrives in my inbox and I sit there with crossed fingers hoping it will be something I love. So the next phase is waiting for the first edits.

These are usually pretty gruesome ... *snicker*. Bits get pulled apart, all my silly spelling mistakes get discovered and all those commas in the wrong place. This first edit generally takes me a week to sort out. Once that's done the manuscript goes back to the publishers.  

Maybe two weeks before it's due for release the final edit comes to me. This is my last chance to make any minor changes or discover any sneaking mistakes than have slipped passed us all. The book goes up for pre-order about a week before release date then it's all up to you - my readers!

Big welcome to my new subscribers!

Had an amazing few days on a Facebook event. I have to thank all the wonderful people who turned up for the event and made it such a success.

Well until next month stay safe and love one another.


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